Global Legaltech Summit & Expo - December 2020


Fortemarkets continue the 'Legal Innovation Journey' online with the Global LegalTech Summit & Expo in December 2020.

The Global Innovation Journey Online will bring together leading industry practitioners and academics from across the world to discuss the latest insight and use cases.  

We will host a number of panels, with a keynote on the hour, every hour, for 72 hours to cove numerous international time zones.

With the successful LegalTech Webinars that took place on the 30th of June through to 2nd of July, we covered a variety of topics, with great international speakers. We're proud to present our next groundbreaking initiative in the legal tech industry.

Who should attend?

The Global Innovation Journey Online is open to all, however we have tailor made the upcoming webinar to be the most effective for: 

  • CTO / CEO / Founders

  • CLOs / CIOs

  • Corporate Counsel / Inhouse Legal Teams

  • Consultants 

  • Tech Industry Constituents 

  • Legal Directors

  • Senior Associates / Associates

  • Partners

  • Legal Engineers

  • Legal Project Managers

  • Automation Engineers

What will be covered?

Themes/topics that will be covered across the keynotes, panels and breakout rooms:

  • eJustice

  • Judiciary Innovation

  • Digital Transformation

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Corporate Counsel & Innovation

  • Collaboration & Innovation

  • Relationship between Fintech &Legaltech

  • IP Law & Tech

  • Litigation in the future

  • Arbitration & Adjudication

  • Machine Learning

  • Blockchain

  • Smart contracts

  • Women In Legaltech

  • Insight into the Legaltech landscape

  • Ethics & AI - Challenges & Opportunities

  • AI &Contract Innovation

Meet our industry-leading speakers...

H.E. Abdullah Al-Majid

Assisant Minister and Chief Innovation Officer, Ministry of Justice

Mark Beer, OBE​

Chairman of The Metis Institute & Co-Founder, Oxford's Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab

Christina Blacklaws 

Former President of The Law Society of England & Wales

Hussain Hadi

Head of Publishing, LexisNexis Middle East

Shannon Salter

Chair, Civil Court Tribunal, Canada

Professor. Stephen Hardy

Head of Law, Coventry Law School

Lise Alm

Head of Business Development, The Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

Adeline Chin YF

CEO of Law Asia 365

Rob Marrs

Head of Education, Law Society of Scotland

More information to follow. We are excited to bring you this series and are looking forward to welcoming you onboard in December. To register your interest, please sign up to be kept up to date on the latest news and information for the Global Innovation Journey Online.

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